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This project is no longer actively maintained and does not fully support the newest Facebook APIs and Authentication.

We recommend you check out the Facebook .Net SDK instead.

Getting Started

Project Overview

Project Terminology
The design of this project borrows some concepts from Model View Controller (MVC) pattern of software architecture.
  • Model - A representation of data. For example, a User, Page or Event.
  • Controller - Provides read and write access to a model, and in the case of FBGraph.NET, its Graph API connections.

Client Libraries
  • FBGraph.Core - Core functionality, base classes, interfaces and extension method classes
  • FBGraph.Api - API models and controllers
  • FBGraph.Web - Web application-specific functionality and extensions
  • FBGraph.Web.Mvc - ASP.NET MVC-specific functionality and extensions

Other Projects
  • Newtonsoft.Json - Used for JSON serialization and deserialization
  • FBGraph.ClientGenerator - Generates models and controllers

Test Projects
  • FBGraph.Api.Tests - Unit tests for FBGraph.Api
  • FBGraph.Core.Tests - Unit tests for *FBGraph.Core
  • FBGraph.ClientGenerator.Tests - Unit tests for FBGraph.ClientGenerator

Demo Projects
  • FBGraph.Demos.AspNetMvc - ASP.NET MVC 1 demo

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